Faceting IF - Idustrial Facetor

Our IF Industrial Faceting machines represent a major development in "Jam-Peg" system design. They allow you to increase both output and quality for mass produced colored gemstones as well as for valuable individual stones. IF machines can help you quickly realize output far better than that available with other systems. Their high accuracy minimizes the need for operator adjustment during faceting and polishing allowing the average worker to start polishing within hours and begin cutting perfect facets in only a few days. Three machines are available -IF-10, IF-11 and IF-12. All are available with or without a work table for custom mounting at your site. The machines are driven by our specially developed two-speed, direct drive spindle motor without pulleys or belts to eliminate annoying noise and vibrations that can cause stone damage. The base flange can easily be aligned to ensure smooth, true running laps for the life of the machine.
Each of the machines can be used for both wet and dry cutting and polishing.

F-10 Faceting - Polishing Machine

Cat. No.7510
IF-10 faceting-polishing machine incl. cutting head, faceting assembly, girdle faceting assembly, faceting splash cover, girdling splash cove, base plate with rotational turre, two speed motor, electrical switch with protecting device and cooling water assembly.

Cat. No. 7517
Single work bench (for IF-10 & IF-11)

The IF-10 allows very accurate faceting with minimum need for side or height regulators or other adjustments during cutting and polishing. Our IPL Indexer Heads make it easy to cut fast accurate facets on all kinds of colored gemstones.


Girdle Faceting Assembly

Together with the specially designed rotational turret, this assembly for the IF -10, enables cutting and polishing perfect straight girdles for square shapes, baguettes and emerald cuts.

Straight Girdle Calibrator

Cat. No.7510.1

Combined with the girdle faceting assembly on the IF-10, this part enables measuring on-line the size of the girdle while it is actually being cut. It increases accuracy and speed of work and eliminates the use of a hand caliber during the girdling of calibrated square cuts, baguettes and emerald cuts.

F-11 Faceting - Polishing Machine

Cat. No.7511

This machine is identical to the IF-10 except that it is not equipped for cutting straight girdles. The IF-11 can be used for all faceting and polishing operations.

F- 12 Faceting - Polishing Machine

Cat. No.7512

Adding a second Cutting Head to the IF-II, creats the IF-12 machine configuration. This economical machine allows for two operators to use the same wheel from opposite sides of the table.

Specifications for IF Machines
Rotation Speeds
Lap Diameter
Lap Arbor Diameter

Faceting Assembly

1. Cat. No.7517

Attached to the highly accurate Cutting Head, this assembly gives perfect and steady cutting and polishing angles. The specially designed angle grooves allow swift positioning of the Indexer Head without forcing the operator to bend his head.



Table Faceting Assembly

2. Cat. No.7515

3. Cat. No.7516

For cutting and polishing the Table Facet this Assembly can be mounted on IF-10, IF-11, and IF-12. The lower part of this assembly can be Quickly placed and removed. The upper arm can remain fixed permanently.

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