Wheels, Laps, and Discs

For user convenience, IPL offers a variety of cutting and polishing tools. These tools are suitable for processing all types of colored stones, faceted and cabochons.

Diamond Sintered Wheels
For pre forming, girdling and cabing

1. Cat. No.6303.1 Pre-Form Wheel D-30
Cat. No.6307.1 Pre-Form Wheel D-70
Cat. No.6310.1 Pre-Form Wheel D-100

2. Cat. No.1203.1 Gridle-Form Wheel D-30
Cat. No.1205.1 Gridle-Form Wheel D-50

3. Cat. No. 1703.1 Cavity Form Wheel D-30
for heart shape

4. Cat. No. 1803.1 Cabochon Form Wheel D-30
has diamond layers on the face and periphery

5. Cat. No. 1830.3 Cabochon Calibration Form Wheel - 3mm diameter
Cat. No. 1830.4 - 4mm diameter
Cat. No. 1830.5 - 5mm diameter
Cat. No. 1830.6 - 6mm diameter
Cat. No. 1830.7 - 7mm diameter
Cat. No. 1830.8 - 8mm diameter
Cat. No. 1830.9 - 9mm diameter
Cat. No. 1830.10 - 10mm diameter

These economy grinding wheels have a 3mm layer of sintered diamonds and last for a long period of use. They are available in different diamond micron sizes. The body of the wheel is made of non corrosive brass.


1A-Pre Forming Diamond Wheel

1. Cat. No.6310.2

This wheel is for the grinding machine (page 5). It is coated with 100 micron size diamonds, both on the side and periphery for convenient and rigid operation.

Facet Polishing Laps

1. Cat. No8123 - Copper Polishing Lap 8"

2. Cat. No.8124 - Tin-Lead Polishing Lap 8"

3. Cat. No. 75100 - "K" Polishing Lap 8"
for stones bigger than 1 caratup to 7.5 hardnes

Cat. No. 75101 - "G" Polishing Lap 8"
for stones bigger than 1 caratup to 7.5 hardnes

4. Cat. No. 75105 - "R" Girdle Polishing Lap 6"
for straight and fancy shapes up to 7.5 hardnes

5. Cat. No. 75108 - Cavity Posishing Lap 6"
for heart shapes

Depending on the type of stone, the metal laps can be used for wet or dry polishing, with polishing powders or diamond grit.

The green plastic wheels need only water cooling.
The polishing powder is already impregnated in the thick plastic layer which has a long life-span

Diamond Faceting Discs

1. Cat. No.75200 - Magnetic Base 6"
2. Cat. No. 75210 - Faceting Disc 6" 600 mesh

The diamond faceting disc is attached to the magnetic base, a combination which enables smooth, vibration free and accurate faceting with good preparation for fast polishing.

The magnetic base is a permanent accessory. Only one is needed for a faceting machine.

Diamond Saw Blades

1. Cat. No.4801 - Copper Saw Blade 0.1x100
(pack of 20)
Cat. No.4802 - Copper Saw Blade 0.2x100
(pack of 20)
Cat. No.4803 - Copper Saw Blade 0.3x100
(pack of 20)

2. Cat. No. 4813 - Steel Blade 0.3x150

3. Cat. No. 4823 - Steel Blade 0.3x200

4. Cat. No. 4833 - Sintered Blade 0.3x120

We supply saw blades from 4" to 8" diameter to cover the whole range of our saw machines. The blades are all durable and accurate for reliable performance.

Discs and Belts for Polishing Cabochons

1. Cat. No.77212 - Maste Disc 8"

2. Cat. No. 772404 - Silicon Carbide Disc 8" 400 mesh
(pack of 20)
Cat. No. 772406 - Silicon Carbide Disc 8" 600 mesh
(pack of 20)

3. Cat. No. 772504 - Silicon Carbide Belt 3'x8" 400 mesh
(pack of 20)
at. No. 772506 - Silicon Carbide Belt 3'x8" 600 mesh
(pack of 20)

4. Cat. No. 77232 - Felt Wheel 8"

The Silicon Carbide pre polishing cloth belts are for use with the Cabochon Polishing Machine.
The Silicon Carbide pre polishing cloth discs are cemented to the rubber layer on the master disc to be used with the faceting machines. The master disc is a permanent accessory.
The felt wheel is for final polishing with the Cabochon polishing machine or with the IF - faceting machine.

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